Monday, February 13, 2012

26/01 ♥ 初四

Wake up earlier to prepare~
B reached~

captured at my house's garden before going to penang ^^

went along with mui and her bf~

Aza-Aza Starvil Korean Restaurant

side dishes

B's 拌饭 (before)

yummy neh~

my 泡菜汤with rice~
super like  
but too spicy~


Shop at QB after lunch~

bought 梅子冰茶 before heading to Gurney Paragon~

we found the place without using GPS ^^
thx to Ah Soon for guiding us too~

Meet Fresh~

the beeping thing~

taro balls + yam + herbal jelly 

sorry for 马赛克 you Ah Soon =.=

Kek Lok Si Temple

Many people!!!
Crowding and massive traffic jam~!!
Thanks to B's support for letting me walk for the whole night >.<
lack of stamina~

wanna take one picture without anyone beside is DIFFICULT!!

We are starve to dead due to the traffic jam~

went to Who's Bryan for dinner

B’s Who's Crunchy Chicken Chop~

My Who's Fried Rice~

Deeply in love with this place
Nice foods~

Thanks B for buying a top for me 
waiting B back to wear out dating with you ^♥^

My mini VS hair straightener ^^

Sunday, January 29, 2012

25/01 ♥ 初三

Nothing much to write at 初一&初二
visit relatives' house for 2 days~

had my nail coloured at 初二 night
but i removed it after that 
felt uncomfortable with nail colours on my fingers
i think toes will be better =)

初三 dating with B 
wait for this day till my neck long~
captured at my house garden

visit B's house~
open party held by his mum~
many relatives = many angpaos ^♥^

Georgetown White Coffee after that~
too sad movie tickets for AH BENG was sold out

how can i lose weight ???

stroll around doing nothing~
reload T&G also
bored till dinner time

Times cafe is my choice but B don't like

He brought me here

Home Sweet Home then~
Rest earlier to prepare for the next day =)

22/01 ♥ Reunion Dinner

B came to have reunion dinner with my family after work ^^
then went for movie~八星报喜~
love to watch midnight movie during pre-cny~

Friday, January 20, 2012

19/01 ♥

Wake up early in the morning to accompany sister and dear to bank~
sleepy >.<

After that shopping with sister again~

Home for lunch

Secret Recipe for cakes~


18/01 ♥

Iphone 4 front camera ^^

Sister is back~!!
Went shopping with her the day she came back from airport 
and i've finished my final exam~!!

Some pichas at dear's phone =.= 
forgotten jor~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

24/12 ♥ Christmas Eve

This year Christmas Eve we didnt celebrate outside~
WHY ?? No place to hang out in Alor Setar + dear is working~

After work he came to find me
I've prepared spaghetti for him  

big plate for him ^^

dessert is 黑芝麻糊~

He snatched balloon with the kids just to surprise me >.<

My christmas gift for this year~
Limited Edition Ginger Body Scrub
Thanks Dear ^^

22/12 ♥ EAT

dear fetch me at Shahab Perdana~
last night didnt sleep well....

Wanted to drink 梅子绿茶 but the busy B didnt saw my message  =(
No time to buy somemore~

Back home to have lunch then off we go to Alor Setar Mall to do some grocery shopping~
Bought 红豆汤圆 for dear's mum~NICE~

Had our Tea-time at 华佗馆~

SUPER LOVE to the Tomyam!!
Brilliant dear for ordering this for me to try~
Spicy+Yummy accompanied by 2 cups of water~
craving for it now  =(

Had my fringe cut ^^
Quite busy due to something unwanted happened
Arghh~!!Annoying phone call for doing this doing that